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Klitschko vs Lewis II?

Klitscho brothers holding all heavy weight belts.
Klitscho brothers holding all heavy weight belts.

The Klitschko brothers are certainly two of my favourite boxers, heavyweight or not. Wladimir is the current IBF, WBO and IBO world champion while his older brother, Vitali, holds the WBC title. They are the only two brothers in history to hold all the titles in a division in professional boxing.

I always appreciate watching the Klitschkos perform their art which they have honed so well over the years. Each is physically impressive, of course, but their technique, control and accuracy makes for deadly composition.

Recently, Vitali came back from years of retirement to dominate Samuel Peter, the Nigerian Nightmare. I respect Peter’s ability and need to comment that his destruction was not because he shouldn’t have been in the same ring: Vitali just controlled the fight from start to finish in every aspect.

Now I’ve heard that a rematch with Lewis may be on the horizon. While I would watch that fight with interest, I think it would be a mistake by both fighters. Klitschko, disputedly, was rising in that loss and would’ve won had the fight not been called due a gash above Vitali’s eye. Lewis has nothing to gain either. Lewis was a great and no one can take that away from him. I know in my heart what the result of their first bout would’ve been but the TKO was fair and that’s part of boxing.

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