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Windows Shortcuts/Hotkeys

Alt+tab: Cycle through windows

Ctrl+A :Selects or highlights all of the text/document/list items

Ctrl+B: Bold – applies bold to highlighted characters

Ctrl+C: Copy – copies highlighted text to the Clipboard

Ctrl+End: Jump to end of open document

Ctrl+F: Find – displays Find dialog box

Ctrl+Home: Jump to beginning of document

Ctrl+i: Italics – applies italics to highlighted characters

Ctrl+P: Print

Ctrl+right (or left arrow) key: Jump one word to the right or left

Ctrl+s: Save current document or send and email

Ctrl+Shift+up (or down) arrow key: keep selecting text going up/down a line

Ctrl+u Underline – applies underline to highlighted text

Ctrl+up (or down) arrow key: jump one paragraph up or down

Ctrl+V: Paste text from Clipboard at the insertion point

Ctrl+X: Cut out highlighted text & place a copy on the clipboard

Ctrl+Z: Undo last action

Esc: Close a dialog box without performing any action

Shift+Arrow key: Highlight text

Shift+Space: Non-breaking space, to insert

Windows + D Minimize all windows showing the desktop (press twice to restore windows)

Windows + E Opens new Explorer window

Windows + F: Find files or documents

Windows + L: Lock your PC

Windows + Tab: Cycle through task bar items (trippy on Vista)