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MMA: The Miller Brothers

The Miller brothers continue to impress the Kurowski family. While the results were split at UFC 28 Saturday night, the loss by Dan Miller was a truly impressive performance especially considering the short notice. (Our hearts are out to the Japanese nation in this horrible, ongoing tragedy that keeps unfolding.)

I had goosebumps leading up to the fight of Jim Miller vs Kamal Shalorus, aka “The Prince of Persia”. I’ve been impressed with the undefeated Shalorus and felt this was one of the two more exciting bouts for the night. Jim won the fight with a stoppage in the 3rd so if you haven’t seen the fight, do watch it.

Regarding Dan and his fight against Nate Marquardt, I contend that Dan would have won had the muscle mass differential not been so large. Dan was impressive in his stand up and ground. Now Nate on the other hand didn’t impress me. Yes, Nate would crush me but I’d want to face Dan even less in some situations. While Nate’s boxing has improved (nice work on the uppercuts and angles), it seemed like he was limited in his approach. Perhaps he trained too much for his original opponent in the gym on specific standup techniques that he wasn’t certain the effect on Dan…

In any case, kudos to the Miller Brothers for damn good performances and having such a solid and  consistent approach to training and preparation.