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Neat infographic on Gartner’s virtualization quadrant

Virtual Geek posted one of his colleague’s sent in an internal thread.

I’m not reposting the graphic here at this point but check it out. It’s a great visualization of the market players for each year from 2010 through 2014. Summary:

  • VMware: Looks like tight, precise grouping on a bulls-eye
  •  Microsoft: Nice slide to the right and up
  • Red Hat: Steady rise upwards and to the right (not sure why this isn’t higher but I’m biased)
  • Oracle: Does a little fishhook upwards but back
  • Parallels: Decent rise
  • Huawei: Shows up
  • Citrix: CRASH – at least that’s what I’d call it.



Microsoft made it easier to plan certs

I really appreciate that Microsoft has made it easier to track and plan one’s certification with their Certification Planner site. Currently, I use a program I wrote that tracks all the requirements for each certification or body of knowledge in which I’m interested in attaining the credential or knowledge and experience. Periodically, I’ll revisit those details and confirm their accuracy or adjust their priority/weights.

Using Microsoft’s applet was simple to use. It lists each possible track one could take to a certification goal in a simple tree structure where folders provide key information such as whether you currently meet all the requirements and if not, the number of objectives remaining and which ones qualify.

Aside from the link I include in this post, one can get to the site from the Microsoft Certification Home Page and then selecting “Certification Planner” from the  “View My…” button list in the left navigation menu.

Microsoft's Certified Professional website.

Once you select the track that you’d like to pursue based on your in-progress certifications, a pop-up will launch with that certification at the top level. What I really like here is that the system knows by the tests you’ve passed or failed what tracks are possible and only lists those tracks. A neat side effect is that it allows for some enlightening discoveries like simple specialties that can be added. For example, one might not know that by substituting one exam for another not only can the same base certification be achieved but that with another one or two exams, a specialist track can be attained as well.

Microsoft's applet showing a single track and its status and criteria.

Look how lazy I was to not have taken a simple test on a product which I am very familiar! The shame! ;->

There are a few improvements I’d like Microsoft to make:

  1. Allow for selections of test criteria which can then be downloaded (or stored on Sky Drive)
  2. Support other browsers and operating systems better.  (I’ve not gotten the applet to work under OSX browsers.)
  3. Allow attribute such as font size to carry from the main style sheet.

Overall though, I give Redmond some props for continuing to improve their educational and related training and certification systems.

Have to like the June Mac Office 2008 updates…

Full Microsoft Article here.

I’ll list a few highlights – I wish I were making these up, but I’m not. Microsoft does make this product better each time, but I feel like I’ve been beta – er, alpha testing it since it’s release.

Microsoft (Old School)

Highlights of this Critical Update:

Stability is improved.

This update fixes an issue that causes Office 2008 applications to exit unexpectedly when you open or use Office 2008 applications.

Spaces between words are preserved.

Macros are preserved when you save a document that contains macros.

Font size is preserved for text in tables.

This update fixes an issue that causes the font size to change unexpectedly for text in a table that

is formatted with a table style or with the Autoformat feature.

Reliability is improved when you calculate or edit a formula.

Stability is improved when you wake the computer from sleep.

Excel workbooks and Microsoft Word documents open correctly when you double-click them or when you download them from a Web site.

How nice… :-)