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Likely death of EVMS (linux)

RIP EVMS. I salute you. The Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) Project was a solid, feature-rich Linux volume manager with a plug-in architecture supporting the key filesystems and software RAID. All this in one set of tools (CLI, curses, and GUI).

Well it seems certain that the project will die off like a war hero in an extended-care facility. While my personal SuSE Server still officially supports EVMS (the March Service Pack specifically), there seems to be no interest in its maintenance or development.

Key points of support for my conclusion:

  • The last release is now over 28 months old
  • Code dependencies are on the old gtk 1 libraries

Since most of my Linux systems are now CentOS and Ubuntu, I did a quick query to confirm that there were no supporting packages.

So why doesn’t the EVMS project seek to close itself out? Did IBMs loss in this to lvm2 hurt that badly that they can’t even spare some professionalism here for the good of the community?

Oh well, she’s dead, Jim.