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Best way to install OneNote Mobile

Since Microsoft has little real documentation on OneNote Mobile and the Microsoft’s team blogs are of little use over all, I though I would add this post to the web in hope of helping the next poor bloke who hits a problem.

My system was pristine overall but exhibited the following issues:

  1. The OneNote Mobile notebook would not get created.
  2. OneNote was missing from “Active Sync” (Vista’s Mobile Device Center)

To fix these issues in my otherwise working setup, I did the following:

  1. Remove OneNote Mobile from your PDA.
  2. Delete the device partnership from your host system.
  3. Run OneNote and make sure system tray icon is present.
  4. Connect PDA as guest, skipping establishing a partnership.
  5. The OneNote tray will popup a notice to install OneNote Mobile onto your PDA when it sees it is not present. Click the bubble to proceed.
  6. When the PC side is complete with the transfer, on the PDA, complete the installation of the package to main memory.
  7. When installation is complete, choose Setup Device under Windows Mobile Device Center’s Mobile Device Settings.
  8. Choose your regular sync methods for all content and make sure to select OneNote in the list.

OneNote Mobile is rather limited but it shows promise even in its nascent state.