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Microsoft’s Next Generation “Mojave” OS

You may have already read about the “Mojave Experiment” but if you haven’t let me briefly explain. Microsoft decided to remove bias from a series of tests with users by changing Vista superficially. Market researchers then presented the “new” OS and interviewed the participants for their experience. I laud the method – because what geek hasn’t done it themselves! ;-)


It’s almost a regular game to make my machines, OSs and Window Managers to look or function like something other than what it is. Whether it be fvwm95, LiteStep, DeskView/X, WindowMaker, (yes, I like NeXT) and the myriad of combinations and offerings, geeks abound that love or need such customization and personalization.


Throw a little bit of virtualization in the mix and multibooting, combined with visual element modification and (a bit more deep) changing of response strings and stack attributes and anyone (including the owner/admin) can be astoundingly confused!
Vista certainly looks neat – but compiz and such (albeit with limited systems/drivers support) can be WICKED too. I have nothing against Vista in certain situations and have been testing/playing with it since early releases. In fact, I run it daily in the lab, on a few test systems, and in virtual machines on my Macs, Linux and ESX boxes. My worst experiences truly occurred prior to SP1 and on physical hardware. My most evil experiences were on 64-bit machines with 64-bit Vista…  There is a time and a place for all.


So, check out the link to Microsoft Mojave above if you wish. It’s marketing but it won’t kill you.