I love gaming and wish I could spend more time with the more simplistic ones.

Here is a list in no particular order of computer and “real-life” games. Sorry for the format…

Free (but donate if you can)


Esasily one of the family’s favourites… Throw in Tux Strikes Back and you have a highly attractive, fun, aesthetic 2D scroller that doesn’t just ring nostalgic but holds its own.

Chess: A Kurowski mandate… I think its part of our blood to enjoy chess and some very similar games or versions.
Torus trooper

Turn-based classic. Every time I revisit the game I’m impressed by its advancement.

Commercial Games

World of Warcraft

I’m going to devote a page to this at some point. ;-)

WoW is broken up into worlds that are classified by playing style. For instance, a Role-playing category which is further subdivided into Player-versus-Player or Player-versus-Environment.

The whole family, some extended family, and numerous friends, workers and consultants I know all play so it also serves a social purpose blended with real-life relationships.


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