My networking experience goes way back and starts when I was an eager young programmer. I’ll first provide brief commentary, then will link to a few pages that answers to questions that I get, hear or see as well as links to good resources.  I’ll end with general networking tools that you may find of a benefit.


I’m a long time Cisco tech – going back to compiling the OS.  While I started in Cisco routers supplementing other manufacturers switches, hubs or MAUs, I expanded to their switch line with the 1900-series and have stuck with them at companies and customers since.


I get accused of being a Junos lover with an implied derision of other vendors such Cisco. Silly! I am NOT against any particular technology or vendor in itself.  Admittedly though I am very fond of Junos. To me, it the most natural environment.  Arista EOS could be second but I use Junipers and Cisco regularly and maintain both in my personal lab.

General Tools

Online Subnet Calculator



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