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My company is nice enough to let Mac users exist at the office albeit in an unsupported fashion. Of course, while I don’t mind complaining when easily fixable items persist, I understand and appreciate this limited acceptance policy even if I hope official support can be expanded.

With that said, I’ve seem to had some horrible issues with using Leopard and my firm’s wireless (which is run from Cisco 1240-series WAPs) so I have developed this silly ritual which seems to “fix” the issue.

I make no claim that this has been scientifically tested nor do I understand why it had broken when it had. I have a Cisco 1240 in my lab and have intent to try and recreate the issue – but it’s one of the lower priorities in my life. ;->



This process removes the wireless network configurations from a profile – you WILL need the appropriate setup information (security type, name, passphrase/key) later in this process.



Removing the Preferred Networks

Network preference with Airport

First we remove the existing wireless networks from the Leopard network location that you are trying to repair.

1. From the Apple menu or Dock, select System Preferences.

2. Select Network from the Internet & Network pane.

3. Choose the appropriate profile from the Locaiton drop-down menu.

4. Select “AirPort” from the left Service pane.

5. Uncheck the “Ask to join new networks” if it is checked.

6. Click the “Advanced…” button.

7. Then from the preferred networks list, select each network then use the minus (-) button to remove those networks from the list.

8. Once al networks have been removed from the preferred network list, click the OK button to close that configuration page and then click Apply to save changes to that location.

Recreating the Preferred Networks

Ok, now that all the networks have been cleaned from this location, we can proceed to re-creating the ones that you still need or desire.

1. Click the Advanced button again to return to the preferred networks page.

2. Here you will use the plus (+) button to add the networks which you had removed back into the list. If you are likely to not need one of these preferred networks, just wait to re-add it until it is needed. (Sometimes the present is the best time to clean house.)

3. Click OK to close the Preferred networks list.

4. If you want to have Leopard prompt you to join new networks (I don’t), then check “Ask to join new networks”

5. Click Apply to save your changes and close the System Preferences applet.


Airport Preferred Network list

On two occassions I went a bit extreme – er, further, than I felt I needed to, less than I felt I needed such but rather to get to a “clean slate”.

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