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Note that some of the software I list as free do accept donations so please help these excellent software projects survive or, better yet, thrive.


7zX (free)

A simple, drag-and-drop file archiver that supports tar, zip, gzip, bzip2, UNIX compress, 7z, and s7z.

MacPorts (free)

MacPorts is a great system for installing, compiling, upgrading, removing open source applications for X, Aqua and curses/terminal. The system is too comprehensive to enumerate in this section but I’ll highlight a few items (for no particular reason and in alphabetical order).

  • pinfo: always a fan of pinfo (and lynx to which it is very similar)… harkens back to the excitement of color shells. Supports info pages as well as man.
  • bonnie++: Filesystem performance tester

Gimp (free)

The Darwin Gimp project is very simple to get going with gimp and they also provide excellent instructions on application portability (i.e., location of app within filesystem).

CyberDuck (free)

CyberDuck is a bad-arse FTP/SFTP, Amazon S3, and WebDAV client that offers smooth-as-silk integration including with one of my favorite text editors.

Chicken of the VNC (free)

Chicken of the VNC is a remote access client to systems using the ever-popular, cross-platform Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocols

iStat Menus (free)

iStat is a Leopard system monitoring application with limited support for Tiger. I’ve had issues with the widget version in the past (and don’t use Dashboard now that the novelty has worn off) but the menus version provides what I need. I primarily use this application for temperature and fan information on my Finder menu.

muCommander (free)

muCommander is a cross-platform file manager. There’s just too many cool aspects to this program – really. You MUST try this program and keep it around even if you don’t see the need right this moment.

nmap (free)

THE nmap for OS X.

Onyx (free)

THE A system utility for OSX versions that performs various maintenance tasks..

Sidenote (free)

Sidenote, for me, removes all need of sticky note-like applets and allows me to have simple storage and ready access to information via an index card/drawer metaphor. Best of all, it always runs and hides on the edge of the screen so there is no funky window positioning or tabbing required.

VLC Player (free)

The VideoLAN Client is the ultimate media player, in my opinion. This is a staple on all my OS builds.

Windows Media Components for QuickTime (by Flip4Mac) (free)

These components allow for a more simple, fluid experience for wma and wmv files of Windows Media fame.


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