I’m a experienced (by age) artist, philospher, martial artist, technologist. I love creating, building, growing… but I have to admit destruction is pretty fun sometime! In vein with the formulation, initiation, and instantiation elements of my personality is that of didacticism and even more rudimentary education. I’ve too many hobbies but luckily my wife and kids share many of them.

I’m very passionate about most everything I do. I’ve been called “smart” – and a lot of better things… LOL! What is genius? Talent, skill and aptitude? The good, the bad and the ugly are all here as with everyone. I seek perfection not as a goal, rather as a way. This way is paved by all. We all have our parts to play for the greater good and we are all lucky to have what we have.

For professional inquiries, please see my LinkedIn profile which I try to keep reasonably up to date: mkurowski <= linkedin.

My email address is remarkably simple to figure out if you’d like to contact me privately. Use my first name, then the @ sign followed by the kurowski.org domain. I will reply to everyone so if you don’t see a reply, it’s probably an oversight or technological issue so please just bump/ping me.

Many thanks to all the people I have been enriched by in the past, present and future. My mentors in real life and electronically don’t have enough idea of the degree to which I appreciate and respect their wisdom, instruction, guidance and aide.

To learn more about me, check back regularly or connect with me via the social network of your choice.



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