The best nightmares are encores of the worst of one’s life.

“The best nightmares are encores of the worst of one’s life.”

I can’t recall the first time I penned this but believe it was back in high school while writing a paper analyzing my life to a soundtrack comprised of various genres.

What purpose this mechanism serves is best described by others but I will say – perhaps too obviously – that a critical circuit is short-circuited demanding attention and that one’s treatment of that error condition is what defines his life in regard to the event and associated conditions.

Avoidance reinforces the impingement as do techniques that seek to revisit and hence remember the pain.  The greater context and long term goals and journey become so significant and may be the only way to simply and easily turn that meteoric crash into a minor bug splat on a windshield. Without the broader perspective and the allowance (cf guilt) to look beyond, smile as that heavenly body nears and pulses your doom.




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