Bonus from the Palo Alto Networks PA-500

Every now and then I get the opportunity to use in my home manufacturer gear such as Palo Alto Network’s PA-500, a next-generation firewall. Even without any policy refinement, the PA demonstrated a consistent performance advantage of about 5-6 Mbps over my straight Asus RT-N66U freshly imaged with firmware that I had installed just prior.


Is this surprising? Well, no. Not only does Palo Alto Networks make pretty fantastic systems but this test is like racing a recent BMW Roadster against a new Prius. What’s exciting if I were to have the opportunity to use a PAN firewall is that my speed would be largely deterministic and consistent regardless of what features I turned on. As of this post, I’ve turned on just about every feature such as live Data Filtering, URL Filtering, Spyware and Virus Filtering, and File Blocking.

Much more to come on the blog site so stay tuned.


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