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Adobe Flash


Adobe Flash for better or worse is quite ubiquitous these days. Aside from my servers, I have some version of support across my Windows, Linux and OSX systems. Heck, even on my lower security servers where I have Chrome installed, I have a version of Flash through that browser.

Chrome has a nice feature that many home users will appreciate: Flash versions are handled via the browser itself. Chrome automatically updates when new versions of Flash Player are available so users always have the latest security updates.

For the rest of the web browser, however, Adobe provides a simple website to test Flash and report on its version.

The very first thing the Adobe help site provides as seen below is a test to confirm that Flash is working in the web browser from which you launched the test session.

Adobe Flash test


The little red ball moving sideways back and forth like a Cylon’s eye scanner in the old Battlestar Galactica indicates that Flash is installed and working on the system.

The second information block shows the active version being reported as well as the Operating System and browser. In the image below from my test system, you can see that the page is reporting Windows 64-bit Chrome with Flash version


The active Flash version


The actual browser in use for this blog entry was Torch, a Chrome-based browser.

Moving to the next section, Adobe lists the latest version of Flash for Windows, Linux, OSX  and even Solaris browsers so that you can see if the one you are running is the latest.

What are the latest Flash versions?


My test system is well behind as you can see from this table. Version is substantially newer than So now what to do? Move to the next section.


Download the latest flash


Click on the highlighted download links to upgrade your Adobe Flash to the latest and greatest for Windows and Mac OSX… except if you are running Chrome or Chrome-based browsers. As I mentioned above, Chrome is bundled with Adobe Flash so you always have the latest version available that is supported with that browser and OS. To update Chrome, simply restart it and it will apply any pending updates.



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