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Support Tara

Endangered Hill of TaraI’ve been following the excavations of Tara for some time: Honestly, I couldn’t wash the disgust off had I been trying all these years.


I’m all for progress but the decision to go through Tara was ill motivated and not given proper weight due the significance of the site to the world community.  Luckily some concessions were granted to the archeological community but not nearly enough.


Had I the money or power, I’d stop the rampant destruction of an such a treasure trove. What’s done is done and notwithstanding a full stopage to the project, more and more sacred heritage will be crushed or defiled and vanish into the ether. The actions of destruction against Tara Hill are a violation of religious freedoms as well: an honorable minority.


Read more about Tara here at the Tara Watch website (archeology).


Please support the petition which advocates atleast reburial of some of the remains as discovered.