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Packt celebrating International Day Against DRM


TODAY Packt Publishing is offering all its DRM-free content at $10… All 2000+ eBooks and Videos at

Get an inexpensive and DRM FREE fix for all your tech urges in virtualization, end-user computing, Dig Data, eCommerce, Cloud computing, programming, elearning systems (including Moodle!), automation, operating systems, systems and performance monitoring, game development, Rasberry Pi, networking, advanced security, etc etc. SO MANY!!!

Here’s a short link to share:





New Offline Gmail Additions Welcome

Google’s Offline Chrome extension is a wonderful addition for any Google Apps user application with this latest update.

Key points for me:

  • All attachments within a user-selected period (1-week, 2-week, month) are downloaded for offline access/use
  • The performance is notably faster, more responsive
  • Better support for multiple-signin (imo)
Install the Gmail offline app from the Chrome Web Store.