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VMware Exam Vouchers to Re-certify

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VMware is having a wonderful promotion to help ease the painful cost of continuing one’s certification portfolio.

Existing VCPs may take any of the following exams (and any retakes) before January 1, 2015 for 25% off!

VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization

  • Exam Code: VCP550
  • Exam Code: VCP510

VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop

  • Exam code: VCP510-DT
  • Exam code: VCPD510

VMware Certified Professional – Cloud

  • Exam Code: VCPC550
  • Exam Code: VCPC510
  • Exam Code: VCPVCD510

VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization

  •  Exam Code: VCPN610

In order to schedule the exam, remember to request authorization in advance of using the PearsonVUE website. The discount code (VCPRECERT25) is applied after payment information is entered during the scheduling process.

For complete information, click here.




Neat infographic on Gartner’s virtualization quadrant

Virtual Geek posted one of his colleague’s sent in an internal thread.

I’m not reposting the graphic here at this point but check it out. It’s a great visualization of the market players for each year from 2010 through 2014. Summary:

  • VMware: Looks like tight, precise grouping on a bulls-eye
  •  Microsoft: Nice slide to the right and up
  • Red Hat: Steady rise upwards and to the right (not sure why this isn’t higher but I’m biased)
  • Oracle: Does a little fishhook upwards but back
  • Parallels: Decent rise
  • Huawei: Shows up
  • Citrix: CRASH – at least that’s what I’d call it.


OnApp Account Registration Fun


Tonight I decided to dig into OnApp. The workflow this far hasn’t been the smoothest but it probably helps reduce the company’s administration overhead.

After validating one’s email, he is taken to profile page with an installation instructions link.


There seems to be two accounts that are created at registration, one for administration ( and one for documentation ( The admin account is setup after email validation but the JIRA account appears to be constrained by an account approval process the will provision or enable the account in the JIRA system.



I’ll look forward to completing the installation and setup so that I can see how OnApp stacks against its competition.





Packt celebrating International Day Against DRM


TODAY Packt Publishing is offering all its DRM-free content at $10… All 2000+ eBooks and Videos at

Get an inexpensive and DRM FREE fix for all your tech urges in virtualization, end-user computing, Dig Data, eCommerce, Cloud computing, programming, elearning systems (including Moodle!), automation, operating systems, systems and performance monitoring, game development, Rasberry Pi, networking, advanced security, etc etc. SO MANY!!!

Here’s a short link to share:




System File Checker finds corrupt files after June 10 update

After installing Microsoft Windows 8 KB2821895 you may notice a few quirks. The first is that you might see the update is listed as having been applied – in multiple places. This seems innocuous but can be confusing.

The second issue is that running SFC directly or via other tools like the wonderful D7 from FoolishIT will report corrupt files in Windows that _cannot_be fixed. Thankfully there is a work around to this corruption reporting issue. From an elevated command prompt as depicted in the graphic,  run the following Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) command:

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

KB2821896 workaround

Once this dism process completes, you can rescan for Windows file integrity:
sfc /scannow


Bonus from the Palo Alto Networks PA-500

Every now and then I get the opportunity to use in my home manufacturer gear such as Palo Alto Network’s PA-500, a next-generation firewall. Even without any policy refinement, the PA demonstrated a consistent performance advantage of about 5-6 Mbps over my straight Asus RT-N66U freshly imaged with firmware that I had installed just prior.


Is this surprising? Well, no. Not only does Palo Alto Networks make pretty fantastic systems but this test is like racing a recent BMW Roadster against a new Prius. What’s exciting if I were to have the opportunity to use a PAN firewall is that my speed would be largely deterministic and consistent regardless of what features I turned on. As of this post, I’ve turned on just about every feature such as live Data Filtering, URL Filtering, Spyware and Virus Filtering, and File Blocking.

Much more to come on the blog site so stay tuned.